Like & Unlike Sticker Contest

Finelli New York Pizza has a challenge for those who appreciate creativity and mostly harmless mischief. We’ve ordered hundreds of 3″x3″ LIKE & UNLIKE stickers and are willing to give a few out for free to anyone who comes in and asks for them.

But wait.. there’s more to this than just some free stickers, we’re willing to give away some special prizes for any photos of creative placement of these stickers. The more creative and funny the better. We haven’t set the prizes for this contest yet but the more you can make us and others laugh at your use of the stickers, the bigger the reward. Certainly there are free slices, gift certificates, free pizzas and more at stake here.

E-mail your photos to and we’ll share the best ones on our website & facebook.

Disclaimer – Finelli New York Pizza is not responsible for nor does it condone the use of these stickers on federal, state, municipal or private property, gym lockers, teacher’s desks, your friend’s car bumper, gas station price marquees, cheap disgusting supermarket frozen pizzas, your friend’s back, your girlfriends notebook, your boss’s desk/car, political candidates, party signs &/or headquarters, fast food chain drivethru menus, or anything else that might be interpreted sticker vandalism or misuse.


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